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One Nursing Resume Isn’t Always Enough

The Importance of Specialized Nursing Resumes for Each Medical Specialty When pursuing a career in nursing, one common question arises: Do you need a different resume for each nursing specialty? The answer is a resounding yes, especially if you aim to maximize your opportunities and land your dream specialty. Why One Size Does Not Fit All A universal resume often fails to make an impact because it lacks strategic positioning of experience and relevant clinicalRead More

5 Healthcare Resume Myths Debunked

What is more important to you:   1. That you follow all the ‘shoulds’ you’ve heard regarding resume development? Or 2. That you capture an interview at a top-ranking hospital and top pay? Ok. Maybe I am being a bit facetious. I know what your answer is, but there is a reason for my ‘saucy’ tone. You see, I am passionate about what I do and truly care about your success. It pains me toRead More

Too Old To Return To Nursing? Says Who?

Early Gardner, RN Hospice and Palliative Nurse As an experienced nurse who retired after 37 years, I’ve encountered my fair share of life’s hurdles. My nursing journey began in 1959, inspired by my grandmother’s legacy as a community health nurse in the early 1900s. Despite facing profound grief and personal health challenges, including a significant farm accident, my passion for nursing never wavered. In 2010, with renewed health and spirit, I found myself walking throughRead More

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Standing Out From The Crowd on LinkedIn

Standout on LinkedIn LinkedIn has evolved into a crucial tool for job seekers and professionals. It’s the go-to platform for recruiters and hiring managers scouting for top talent. With an increasing number of high-quality profiles on LinkedIn, how can you ensure yours stands out? Let’s delve into some must-have elements. 1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words A profile without a picture is easily ignored. Invest in a professional headshot that reflects the bestRead More

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Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Thank You Letter

Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Thank You Letter Feeling post-interview regret is common. You might ruminate over what you didn’t say or missed opportunities to reinforce your suitability for the role. That’s where a strategic thank-you letter comes in, not just as a polite formality but as a final marketing pitch for your candidacy. Let’s dig deeper into how you can use this follow-up opportunity to make a lasting impression. When Your Interviewer SharedRead More

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Expert Formatting Techniques to Spruce Up Your Nursing Resume

Revitalize Your Resume with These Expert Design Tips In the competitive job market, a well-presented resume can be a game-changer. It’s not just about the content; how you present that content can significantly impact your job prospects. Here are expert tips to quickly polish your resume: Dynamic Heading Your resume’s heading should grab attention. Beyond just bolding and changing the font size, consider creating a tasteful logo or adding clip art, especially for less conservativeRead More

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Nurse Practitioner Resume: Resume With Authority

Crafting a Standout Nurse Practitioner Resume: Understanding Your Unique Value Proposition The health care landscape is a complex ecosystem with multiple layers of professionals, each performing distinct roles. Among these roles, Registered Nurses (RNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) stand out for their contributions to patient care. However, there’s often confusion, even among healthcare professionals themselves, about the unique responsibilities and competencies that distinguish these two roles. This confusion sometimes spills over into the way NPsRead More

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Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself  Imagine sitting in a lobby, nervously waiting for the interview of your dreams. You look around and realize that everyone else waiting: Graduated from top nursing schools. Has years of experience in the specialty you’re aiming for. Boasts impressive accomplishments like impacting patient care, opening new facilities, and serving on boards. They are all highly qualified, just like you. So, what sets you apart? What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP), and how willRead More

Protect Your Personal Brand

So, after more than 15 years writing resumes, I finally decided to write a blog post on this site. Why? Because my job as your resume writer and career coach is not just to hand you a beautiful and effective resume but to empower you, educate you, and guide you in using it. Similar to how you teach your patients to continue with their treatment regimens and/or how you inform family members of the importanceRead More

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