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Please describe your package components.

NURSE RESUME PACKAGES INCLUDE (depending on your package choice):

MS Word Resume. Beautiful presentation resume you can email, print and leave behind during an interview or upload to online job sites. Yes, you will be able to update it on your own in the future.

PDF Resume. A backup copy that is not easily edited in order to ensure that everyone you email it to can see it exactly you intended. Great idea in case the receiver does not have MS Word.

Plain Text/Digital Resume. In order to complete online job forms, you need a copy and paste format. This clean version will paste easily and neatly online.

Cover Letter. A persuasive cover letter that will be influential in the vetting process. We write cover letters from a fresh perspective and do not regurgitate what is already on the resume.

Unlimited Email Interaction. You may email your resume writer directly. We will respond as soon as possible, which is usually within a few hours during normal business hours.

Phone Consultations. We will have a 30-minute phone consultation with you before we start writing to make sure we “get” who you are and what your nursing philosophy is. We will also be sure to plug any holes in your Assessment and or old resume. If you decide you would rather work by email completely, that is fine.

Thank you Letter Template. After your interview, you will need to follow-up immediately to thank your interviewer. Reinforce what you offered and make up for any areas in which you did not communicate what you should have!

References Template. We will provide you with a reference template for you to populate and use which will match the same design as your other job search documents. References are no longer listed on the resume.

Interview Questions. We have compiled a list of most popular interview questions and we will include it with packages.

Packages with additional add-ons include:

LinkedIn Setup and Development. We write fresh content and optimize it so nursing recruiters can find you! Recruiters report LinkedIn is their go to find new candidates.

1 Hour of Coaching. The ultimate package includes an hour of coaching which you can use as either a mock interview practice or LinkedIn training. During the mock interview, we will prepare you with the most popular interview questions and then provide you with some feedback on your performance. When you choose the LinkedIn training (usually when you have purchased the LinkedIn service)–we will screen-share with you (you will be able to see our computer screen from your own computer) and we will train you on how to use LinkedIn to job search and network.


Can you work with nursing students who have not yet graduated?
Absolutely! In fact, many of our student nurses (GRNs) are still in school and many have not even begun their preceptorship! It is smart to get a head start on all graduating students.


What if I graduated a year ago and have not found a job yet, can you help me?
Yes, you can place your order under the student rate and we will consult you by phone to understand the problem (what you are failing to include) before we write your new resume.

You have most likely developed a resume that reads and looks like that of all other nursing student and so employers have a hard time identifying what is unique about you. Perhaps you don’t even have resume keywords included on your resume and so the online computer scanning software is not detecting your resume as a “must read.” Therefore, nursing recruiters are not even seeing your resume. Just because you receive an acknowledgement letter, doesn’t mean your resume was read by a real person.


I am an experienced nurse who has been out of work for afew yearss now. I took time off for personal reasons. What can you do to help me?
When a nurse has taken time out of direct patient care, it is important that we do not go straight into a chronological order resume style. We have to highlight why you were (and still are) a great nurse, instead of bringing focus to the years of your “sabbatical.” We have helped many nurses in your situation. Every story is unique so the way we address the development of your resume and cover letter will be distinct as well.


Do you work with experienced nurses or only students? 
Yes we have extensive experience helping highly experienced professionals in nursing and other related fields such as Nursing Home Administrators, Nurse Practitioners, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Midwives, Directors of Nursing, Charge Nurses, International RNs and more.  We also work with other health care fields.


Can I use your cover letter for employment and also for graduate programs?
Yes, we create cover letters that are customized but that you can also continue to edit. We will insert prompts in the cover letter to guide you.


Do you write essays for residency programs?
Yes. Please email


How long does this process take?
About 7 to 14 business days (longer for leaders) between the time you complete your assessment, talk to us, review your draft and send back edits.


What if I would like changes to the resume you have given me?
That is not a problem. We will consult you by phone if you would like more than just a few tweaks to the draft. We give you our expert opinion but the final call on edits is yours.


I prefer a more conservative resume than the samples posted on your site. Is this something you can create and will I hurt myself by going more conservative?
Yes,  we can create a resume design that is more conservative. However, we can still make sure it is impressive and striking. Conservative does not mean mundane and boring!
When you complete the Nursing Career Assessment, you will answer a question about design. You will also have an opportunity to offer feedback once you see your new resume.


What if I don’t complete the assessment correctly or do not wish to. I spent a lot of time on my own on my old resume and don’t feel like writing again. That is why I am seeking your help.
We understand clients come to use for our expertise and are usually ready to give up the job search all together. Please know that the Assessment can be completed to a level that makes you comfortable. What we need is for you to go over the Assessment, answer it as best you can so that when we speak to you, you have had time to think of your answers.

As you read the Nursing Career Assessment, you will find that many of the questions prepare you to ace an interview. However, relax because we will follow up by phone if you have not done a good job! 🙂



If  you have more questions, please read our service options and rates page or complete our Contact Us form.


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