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Use LinkedIn The Right Way To Help Your Nursing Career

If you are not already on LinkedIn, you should be. Please review our packages and if you sign up for a package that includes LinkedIn, we will take care of the entire process for you–from writing to migrating online so recruiters find you.

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network that has become a premier career hub where professionals share their knowledge, connect with like minds, and recruiters are on LinkedIn, too, searching for the right candidate.

If you are on LinkedIn, make sure you are using it correctly.

Top Mistakes to Avoid and Ensure You Are Winning on LinkedIn


#1 – No picture.

Stop procrastinating, get a nice headshot ASAP. Profiles with pictures attract the most attention.

#2 –No tagline in the ‘Headline’ section.

Most LinkedIn users will list their most recent job title in this area since this is what populates by default. This is a huge mistake as the Headline section not only is a great keyword section, helping you gain better traction on LinkedIn and Google but because this is excellent real estate. Use this Headline section to make a strong impression and offer value to your network.

#3 – Not customizing the URL.

Instead of using the default LinkedIn URL, create a customized link address. If your name is already taken, consider adding a job title or keyword at the end of your name.

#4 – Repurposing the resume Profile on LinkedIn as a Summary.

LinkedIn is a social networking site. While it also has become the #1 social media that recruiters and hiring managers go to and scout for top candidates, it is still about your connections.

Therefore, your LinkedIn Summary section should be network ready. That means it must be friendlier, more concise, and more relatable than your resume.  Another reason why you shouldn’t repurpose your resume on LinkedIn is that you must create a reason for recruiters to contact you.

#5 – Keeping LinkedIn private.

While I understand your attempt to keep certain information confidential, the idea behind developing an online presence is so that others find you. This is going to be pretty difficult if you are not allowing search engines, like Google, to index your profile.

#6 – Not personalizing the “Additional Info” section. 

Remember that this profile should be friendlier and inviting. While I would leave any personal interests off the resume, this area is great for your online networking success.

#7 – Not linking to projects or media mentions.

LinkedIn’s interface allows you to add more sections than those you see when you first sign up. Review all of the options available to you and leverage them to link to accolades, mentions, publications, patents, etc. Anything that sets you apart from others and makes YOU unforgettable is worthy of inclusion on LinkedIn.


Good luck!

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