Returning Customers

Welcome Back!



Thank you for thinking of us! Below is the process to re-engage our services. Whether the last time you worked with us you were a new graduate nurse or a leader, it is still a great idea to update your resume. Things change all the time and the treatment we give your resume varies depending on where you are in your career and what your new goals are.

You have two options:

Option #1

RE-BRAND ME update: A complete resume overhaul– We provide you with as much work as needed to help you succeed in your new career path or to position you for a higher-paying job.

We may need to:

  • Add new employment(s).
  • Add new accomplishments.
  • Update skills.
  • Target a new specialty.
  • Add more certifications and education.
  • Prioritize information.
  • Remove outdated data.
  • Change design and more in order to re-brand you.
  • Evolve your resume from a student to professional or a professional to a manager, etc.

How to order

  • Email your resume and a summary of your current situation and turnaround needs, job ads that you are interested in, etc. to
  • We will email you a quote.
  • If you sing up, we will email you the questions we need you to complete so we perform the update.
  • We will follow up with a phone call.



Option #2

BRING ME UP TO SPEED update: You do not need a complete rework but require a simple and minimal update. Perhaps you just need to add your latest employment and leave everything else as is. Please email us for a quote:

We may need to:

  • Add one employment.
  • Retouch/tweak the summary. We do not rewrite it completely or reposition it to a new specialty with this service (If you require a rewrite or reposition, please choose Option #1)
  • Add new certifications and education.
  • Select and edit out previous information to make room for recent experience.

Note: Design will remain as is and we cannot target a new specialty (that requires more strategy).

How to order

  • Email your resume to
  • We will email you the questions we need you to complete so we may perform the update.

If it has been a longer time since your last update or you have different needs, please email

Thank you.