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Meet Rosa Elizabeth Vargas & Co.: Your Personal Career Advocates

Who is Rosa Elizabeth Vargas?
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Nurse resume writerGreetings, aspiring and seasoned healthcare heroes! Allow us to introduce Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, your career’s Florence Nightingale, illuminating your path to those coveted nursing and healthcare positions.

Armed with FOUR top-tier resume writing certifications, 20+ years of experience, and resume writing awards, Rosa is your own “Code Blue” response team when your career needs urgent resuscitation! 

What Makes Rosa Stand Out in a Crowd of Scrubs?

  • Healthcare-Savvy Resume Strategist: Rosa brings a rare edge to resume writing with a three-year of BSN-level nursing education. Though she pivoted to business before completing her degree, her substantial grounding in healthcare uniquely equips her to craft outstanding resumes for nursing professionals. This blend of healthcare insight and business acumen sets her apart in the resume writing field.Rosa speaks your language—antibodies to Z-tracks.
  • Toast of the Resume Writing Industry (TORI) Awards: Rosa’s got a full trophy cabinet with 24 TORIs. That’s like winning the DAISY Award, but for resume writing! 
  • The Grand Healer of Resumes: With over 3,000 resumes written (we’ve stopped counting) and careers transformed, Rosa is your resume rescuer. 
  • Holistic Career Coaching: Rosa isn’t just about putting pen to paper; she’s a Certified Career Management Coach. Think of her as your career’s APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) – assessing, diagnosing, and treating your job search challenges, from resume to interview and beyond.

What’s Her Treatment Plan for Your Career?

Rosa dives deep into the DNA of your professional journey, diagnoses the gaps and areas of opportunity, and prescribes a unique cocktail of storytelling, design, and career marketing. 

A Word from Rosa

“I’ve seen many nurses approach their job search like it’s just another routine patient check. But remember, in today’s competitive world, your nursing resume is your first point of care—it’s where your career’s vitals are assessed. So, don’t you want to make a great first impression? Together, let’s make your resume pass all its health checks with flying colors!” 

Certifications: Your Assurance of Expert Care

  • One of only 28 Master Resume Writers (MRW) globally 
  • Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) 
  • Distinguished Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) 
  • Resume Writing Academy Graduate
  • Rosa is a lifelong learner! 

Your Multidisciplinary Care Unit (wink)

  • Two Certified Assistant Writers and a Project Manager. Think of them as your skilled multidisciplinary team, aiding Rosa in the meticulous care of your resume, personal branding, and job search needs by ensuring every word and sentence is in perfect health and the entire operation runs smoothly from consult to discharge!

Ready to Level Up Your Career? 

We’re not a resume mill; we’re a boutique-style firm; intentionally small and intimate—think of us as the ICU of career services, giving you that one-on-one attention you deserve.

With Rosa at the helm, you’re not just getting a writer; you’re getting a team of experts laser-focused on making you stand out in the healthcare arena.

So, what are you waiting for? The call button is in your hands.

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