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Nurse Practitioner Resume: Resume With Authority


Write your resume as an NP

So many times I have come across a resume for an NP that was written as if it is for a floor nurse. Whether they are new NPs or seasoned ones, the problem is usually the same. They are not looking at their job from a solutions perspective. Yes, you are a solution!

Therefore, the question your resume must answer is how are you problem-solving and lending your efforts to raise the healthcare bar differently than a staff nurse would?

Now, this is not to say that Staff Nurses are not solutions. Absolutely they are! They are the front-liners in chief!  However, their roles are different, as you know, so why is the NP resume written the same way? Other than a different job title, you can typically see too much crossover (in my most honest opinion). Here is a link to an article that may help you eliminate the blurred lines 


Differentiate yourself as an NP

Another question to ask yourself is how can I convey my value as a solution over other NPs. Need some help identifying your purpose and demand as an NP. I found this graph during my writing research and I thought it would be a great tool to share with you. This might help bring your role as a Nurse Practitioner into perspective.


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