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Too Old To Return To Nursing? Says Who?


Early Gardner, RN

Hospice and Palliative Nurse

As an experienced nurse who retired after 37 years, I’ve encountered my fair share of life’s hurdles. My nursing journey began in 1959, inspired by my grandmother’s legacy as a community health nurse in the early 1900s. Despite facing profound grief and personal health challenges, including a significant farm accident, my passion for nursing never wavered. In 2010, with renewed health and spirit, I found myself walking through the doors of a hospital on the Isleta Pueblo, and it reignited my calling.

Taking a leap of faith, I applied for a job with the Indian Health Services in Gallup, renowned for its competitive benefits and housing. But I needed a modern resume. I reached out to Rosa Vargas, a certified resume writer, who expertly condensed my extensive experience into a succinct and impactful resume.

With a fresh resume in hand, I returned to the workforce at the age of 66, ready to make a difference once again. Now, as I prepare for my hospice certification exam, I stand as proof that it’s never too late to step back into your calling. Whether it’s been a decade or just a couple of years since you last practiced, opportunities abound, and with the right approach, your experience can shine brightly on your resume.

For those considering a return to nursing or feeling the pangs of obsolescence, let my story be your encouragement. Embrace the possibilities, refine your resume, and open the door to the job you love. Remember, your wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, and with a well-crafted resume, you’ll soon discover the numerous opportunities waiting for you.



Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a uniquely credentialed executive resume writer with four of the Career Industry’s Top Resume Writing Certifications. She also offers a robust corporate background, blending hiring management accountabilities and HR.