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Finding the Right Professional Resume Writing Service for Nurses


Hello and welcome to my blog! As a regular contributor on resume writing and job search best practices, I often share insights and tips about crafting the perfect resume.

Today, I’m taking a slightly different route. If you’re a nurse or healthcare professional considering hiring a professional resume writing service, I’ve compiled a list of crucial questions to help you make the best choice.

Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Resume Writer

Why Specialize in Nursing/Healthcare?
Ask why the writer or the firm specializes in nursing or healthcare. Understanding their motivation and commitment to the field can give insights into their expertise and passion for the industry.

Who Will Be Writing My Resume?
It’s important to know who exactly will be working on your resume. Ask about their specific writer and their experience in resume writing, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Experience and Background
Inquire about the writer’s experience and background in healthcare. A writer with a solid understanding of the nursing field can better highlight your skills and experiences.

Samples of Nursing Resumes
Request to see some samples of nursing resumes they’ve crafted. This will give you a good idea of their style, effectiveness, and how they tailor resumes for nursing professionals.

Accessibility to the Writer
Find out if you’ll have direct access to the writer throughout the process. Continuous communication is crucial for a resume that accurately reflects your skills and experiences.

Characteristics of a Good Nursing Resume
Ask what they believe makes a good nursing resume. This question helps you gauge their understanding of what makes a nursing resume stand out in a competitive job market.

Customization of Your Resume
How will they make your resume unique? Discuss how they plan to tailor your resume to reflect your individual experiences and qualifications.

Analysis of Your Current Resume
Request an analysis of your current resume. A good writer will be able to point out what’s working and what needs improvement, providing valuable insights into their approach.

Writer’s Credentials
Lastly, inquire about the writer’s credentials. Are they certified? Do they have a background in human resources or recruitment? Understanding their qualifications can help you assess their capability to craft a compelling nursing resume.

These questions are designed to guide you in choosing the right professional resume writing service that meets your specific needs, both in terms of marketing yourself effectively and staying within your budget. Remember, the right service can significantly enhance your job search by presenting you as a highly qualified and desirable candidate in the nursing field.

Good luck in your search, and here’s to a resume that opens doors to new and exciting opportunities in your nursing career!


Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a uniquely credentialed executive resume writer with four of the Career Industry’s Top Resume Writing Certifications. She also offers a robust corporate background, blending hiring management accountabilities and HR.

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