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Hello there! 

Thanks for stopping by. I usually blog about, well, writing resumes and job search best practices. However, today is a bit different. 

Today I wish to provide you with a few questions to help you find the right professional resume writing firm for you. 

The following are some questions you need to ask your writer(s) if you are going to hire a professional nurse resume writing service:

  1. Why nursing/healthcare?
  2. Who will be writing my resume? 
  3. What experience do they have in healthcare?
  4. What is their background?
  5. Can I see some nursing samples?
  6. Will I have access to my nurse writer throughout the process? 
  7. What makes a good nursing resume?
  8. How will you make mine unique?
  9. What is wrong with my current resume?
  10.  What are the writer’s credentials?

I hope the above questions will assist you in finding the right writing firm for your marketing and budgetary needs. 


Good luck!



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