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7 Things That Really Matter on Your Nursing Resume

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, especially in nursing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount in terms of skill set and knowledge and how you present yourself on paper. In 2024, the competition in nursing has become more intense, and how you craft your resume can be a game-changer. Here’s an expanded and updated guide, “7 Things That Matter on Your Nursing Resume,” that will set you apart in the crowded nursing job market.


  1. Education with a Twist: It’s not just about where you went to school anymore; it’s about what made your education journey unique. Did you lead any projects, participate in cutting-edge research, or specialize in a niche area of nursing? Highlighting these aspects can make your resume stand out. For instance, if you were part of a pioneering research study on telehealth practices or contributed to a paper on pandemic response strategies, these are noteworthy. 
  2. Certifications – Clarity is Key: As healthcare standards evolve, so do the requirements for nursing certifications. Ensure your resume clearly distinguishes between current and past certifications. Highlight any recent certifications in emergency nursing, infection control, or any other highly relevant specialty in today’s healthcare environment, especially those that address the challenges posed by ongoing global health concerns. 
  3. Employment with Insight: Beyond listing where you’ve worked, delve into how these experiences contributed to your growth as a nursing professional. Did you work in a high-pressure ER that honed your quick decision-making skills, or were you part of a community health program that improved your ability to deliver culturally competent care? These details can significantly enhance the impact of your resume. 
  4. Strengths – A Balanced Approach: In 2024, technology integration in healthcare has made specific soft and hard skills indispensable. For example, proficiency in health informatics systems or telehealth platforms can be as crucial as your ability to communicate compassionately with patients. Emphasize a balance of soft skills like empathy and adaptability with hard skills like technical competencies and clinical expertise. 
  5. Professional Summary Over Objectives: The objective statement is outdated; a compelling professional summary that encapsulates your experience, skills, and what you bring to the table is now the norm. This is your elevator pitch; make it count by briefly highlighting your unique qualifications and career goals tailored to the nursing role you’re applying for. 
  6. Technological Proficiency: With the digital transformation in healthcare, being tech-savvy is no longer optional. Include any experience with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telehealth services, and other healthcare technologies. This not only shows that you’re a modern nurse but also that you’re prepared to deliver care in various settings, including remote or virtual environments. 
  7. Continuing Education and Professional Development: The nursing field is constantly advancing, and showing a commitment to lifelong learning can be a significant advantage. List any workshops, seminars, or courses you’ve taken recently, especially those relevant to the specific nursing position you’re applying for. This could include pandemic response training, mental health first aid, or advanced life support certifications.


BONUS TIP: Personalization and storytelling are powerful tools in resume writing. Instead of just listing your qualifications, weave them into a narrative that showcases your journey, achievements, and the value you bring as a nursing professional. This approach can make your resume memorable and engaging for potential employers.


By incorporating these seven essential elements into your nursing resume, you’ll present yourself as a well-rounded and forward-thinking candidate and increase your chances of landing your desired nursing role in this competitive landscape.


Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a uniquely credentialed executive resume writer with four of the Career Industry’s Top Resume Writing Certifications. She also offers a robust corporate background, blending hiring management accountabilities and HR.

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