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Differentiate Yourself and Stand Apart

1 Problem With All Nursing Resumes, Job Searches, and Interviews

 Imagine sitting in a lobby waiting for the interview of your dreams. You look around, and you realize that all those waiting are also…

· Graduates from top nursing schools.

· Possess years of experience in the specialty of nursing you are now switching into.

· Have achieved impressive triumphs in their careers: impacted patient care, helped open new facilities, have served on boards, etc.

In other words, they are ALL highly QUALIFIED. Again, highly QUALIFIED!! What will you say during this interview that is special and more compelling in order to outdistance others? What is your USP (unique selling point) and how does that translate into value for your new care team?

Stand Out From the Crowd of Experts

The number #1 strategy job seekers neglect is the selling of their UVP (unique value proposition) over other qualified candidates. Your competition is not the underperformer with an unpolished resume and poor communication skills. (Wouldn’t that be easy?) Your competitor is smart, hired a professional resume writer, is articulate, and accomplished. So, you must introspect, dig deep, and develop an enthralling marketing plan that persuades from resume to online brand, to interview and through follow-up by seducing your employer with the promise of quality patient care, patient satisfaction, facility representation, and through a differentiating value that you, and only you, can offer.

You must examine your career performance, find those special ways in which you standout–own them and promote them! Because to win in this challenged job market you must sell a unique value proposition/a brand/a differentiating value.

Deep-Dive Analysis

So how do you go about this? Take out your pen and paper or better yet, open your MS Word program and answer the following questions:

1. Why would an employer hire me over others nurses?

2. What is my unique value and how will this impact my future employer?

3. What guarantee can I make to my future employer? 

4. What in my past can I use to substantiate my personal brand or unique value proposition?

5. Is this message delivered consistently and persuasively across all my self-marketing efforts(resume, cover letter, interview performance, online social media profiles, self-publishing content)?


The game has gotten tougher folks! The same way in which you make purchasing decisions (you want to get the best for the money)—employers want to hire the best for the salary and they desire to not make a mistake in hiring you.



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