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Why Our Nursing Resumes Cost More Than Other Services

Pricing Our Nursing Resume Writing Services. Now and then, someone will ask us why we charge what we charge vs. the services that offer lower rates. While I can’t comment on the reason a particular business has set their prices as low as they have, I can tell you that our nurse resume writing services are unique in that we conduct research, interview you, and utilize 20 years of experience writing nursing resumes; in additionRead More

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Mastering Your First Job Interview: Tips to Impress and Stay Calm

Mastering Your First Job Interview: Tips to Impress and Stay Calm Your first job interview can be an emotional rollercoaster. The stakes are high, and the nerves are even higher. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the need to make a perfect first impression. But don’t worry. With proper preparation and some strategic tips, you can not only survive but excel in your first interview. The Importance of First Impressions First impressions are crucial; theyRead More

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Don’t Get Left Behind In the New Social Job-Search Environment

Don’t Get Left Behind In the New Social Job-Search Environment Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have transformed the job search landscape. These platforms offer a convenient way to find the perfect nursing job without even leaving your home. So how do you make the most of this new social and virtual job-search environment? Read on! 1. Keywords Count! Keywords are critical online. The same way you use Google to find a serviceRead More

Nursing Leadership

How To Step Into Your First Leadership Position

How To Become The Leader Your Staff Deserves  Are you interested in taking your nursing career to the next level? Are you ready to become a leader? What kind of leader would you be? Every great organization needs effective leaders—people who can inspire their staff and peers alike. Most organizations are on the hunt for excellent leadership talent. The lack of great leaders will inevitably put a strain on the organization’s ability to perform successfullyRead More

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Importance of Self-Care in the Nursing Field

Importance of Self-Care For Nurses Today’s nurses face a physically and emotionally demanding career, with long hours, intense challenges, sometimes difficult patients, constant decision-making, and increasing patient loads. Their days are spent caring for a variety of patient needs, often sacrificing their own needs. However, sacrificing one’s own needs to care for others can lead to significant problems for the nurse, the patients, and the clinic or hospital. Ethical Guidelines and Self-Care The American NursesRead More

You Are Hireable! It’s Not You. It’s Your Resume

  Your Nursing Resume Is the Problem. You Are Qualified For That Nursing Job I am honored to help nurses achieve their dream jobs. I am genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to place wonderful nurses in hospital settings so they can save lives. Today I’d like to focus on the topic of graduate nurses (I will write to other professional levels in another post). Student Nurses and New Grads, Listen Up. It Is NotRead More

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Tips to Retool Your Nursing Resume

“You may think you’re an ideal candidate for a nursing role, but does your resume effectively convey your worth?” In any sector, including healthcare, hiring managers use resumes as an initial filter to assess the pool of applicants. A standout nursing resume not only incorporates your educational background, practical skills, employment history, and achievements, but it also grabs the hiring manager’s attention—prompting them to invite you for an interview. Whether you’re actively job-hunting or justRead More

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Elevate Your LinkedIn Game: Expert Tips for Nursing Professionals

If you’re not already utilizing LinkedIn as a vital component of your professional strategy, you’re missing out on significant opportunities. When you opt for a professional resume package from us that includes LinkedIn services, we’ll streamline the entire process for you—from crafting a compelling profile to ensuring your online visibility is optimized for recruiter attention. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn isn’t just another social network; it’s the epicenter of professional networking where expertise is shared, connectionsRead More

Helping Recruiters Understand You Are Contributing to Hospital Success

Your resume must market you as a team-based nursing professional who is keenly aware that hospitals are required to operate within budget, need to outpace competing hospitals, and that care teams are vital to the success of patient outcomes and the hospital’s market reach. As a nurse, you must engage and not solely to connect with patients and support a positive patient-nurse dynamic, but because patients remember how they felt under your care and willRead More

How To Write A Healthcare Leadership Resume

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, holding a title such as an advanced care nurse, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Director, or Chief Medical Officer is undoubtedly commendable. These roles represent significant professional milestones. However, in the complex world of healthcare, where clinical decisions increasingly intersect with business strategy, relying solely on your credentials and experience for an impactful resume is no longer sufficient. Understanding the Shift in Healthcare Dynamics TheRead More

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