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Excellent Nursing Resumes Winning Quality Interviews! Imagine being recognized on paper as the great nurse you are in person! Compassionate, efficient, holistic, safe, and patient-centered care your #1 priority? Then, we are the resume service for you!

Award-Winning Resume Writing Service  … #1 source for nurses for the past 10 years with referrals from professors and hiring managers from top hospitals in the nation and internationally 

Directors of Nursing | Registered Nurses | Nurse Practitioners | LPNs | Nursing Assistants | Health Care Professionals!


We are proud to celebrate this upcoming 11-year milestone in writing nursing resumes with the launch of this new site exclusively for nurses and health care professionals! Our nursing resume service has been helping nurses survive online sorting and impress hiring authorities in tight job markets across the nation, including in competitive states such as California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and more. We have also empowered care team professionals from around the globe Nurses, RNs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetist, Medical Assistants, LPNs, LVNs, and Nursing Assistants. [Click here for non-nursing executive and leadership resume writing]

Successfully worked with students from top nursing schools (ADN, BSN, MSN, MSNA) and accelerated programs get into highly competitive residency /graduate programs!

Helped student nurses and experienced nurses get their foot in the door at Magnet status, JCAHO accredited, and teaching hospitals!

Experts and integrity-driven. We do this because we love it and reap gratification when our clients are happy and employed! We will do right by you!

Empowered nurses returning to work who are perhaps taking a refresher program.

Facilitated the transition into another specialty for nurses with many years under one employer.

Elevated the resume of LPNs who went back to school to become RNs.

Transformed international resumes into a US based, effective resume that works!

Developed director-level resumes for health care professionals that attract the right offers!

Whatever your situation, we have the experience to help you.  We know what questions to ask, we know the medical/nursing lingo, and have the experience to produce a customized health care niche resume! Call 321-704-7209 if you have any questions.

Now, imagine what it will feel like to have a fantastic resume that looks and reads unlike any other, attracting many tough-to-attain interviews for your new nursing or health care job!  Or are you okay with blending in and waiting to see what happens? Hire us to help you, specializing in nursing and health care resumes for 10 years:

  • Quadruple certified resume writer: Master Resume Writer Credentialed, Certified Expert Resume Writer, Academy Certified Resume Writer, and Nationally Certified! One of very few writers with these credentials.
  • Resume Writing Academy graduate! Eight-week comprehensive training by industry pioneers!
  • Background in Nursing and partner with an RN proofreader!
  • Distinct and unique: Resumes are creative, yet professional, non-traditional — high visual impact!
  • Personalized: Contact with your writer by phone. Original resumes, reflecting competence and brand.
  • Complete Services: From nursing resume to cover letters, thank you letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview and job search coaching.


Begin today!

If nurses / healthcare professionals are in such great demand, where are the interview calls?


The health care industry is strong right now compared to other industries, but medical units are not quarantined from budget cuts. Are you prepared to demonstrate to a new facility the benefits of hiring your nursing care? It is smart to be prepared for new opportunities in healthcare.  Hire our professional resume service to help you. We have written resumes for nurses in an array of specialties; nurses returning to work, new nurses, nurses who have worked at only one facility, and nurses eager to care for patients in a new specialty!

We believe a nurse is a professional who is ardently there when the ill require compassionate, safe, and competent care.  What is the message your resume conveys? Is your resume modern with visual appeal? Is it concise and inspiring or repetitive and boring?

Does your resume reflect how well you manage and prioritize patient care based on acuity? How well you have collaborated with other nurses and physicians? How your critical skills and interventions save lives? Do you have preceptor experience? Are you competent in coordinating the administration of advanced medications? Knowledgeable in provisions of direct patient care?

We will help you!

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